Dear colleagues and friends! I would like to congratulate all of you with a very well-organized and successful conference, dedicated to the achievements of the project! Each of you have done a great job and have contributed to the success of this very important project.
Tashkent, Bilol’s (8 years old, delay in mental development) mother: My child is behind in reading, what techniques you suggest for the development of reading skills? Artyom’s (8 years old) mother, how to improve the technique of reading?

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Офис проекта "Инклюзивное образование для детей с особыми потребностями в Республике Узбекистан"
Республиканский центр социальной адаптации детей
Абдулла Каххар, 34
Ташкент 100100
Тел: (+99890) 980-82-98

List of Parent’s Clubs in Pilot regions:

Parent's Club in Urgench:
Established: September 2015
Number of members: 142 parents
Contact person: Muyassar Ibragimova
Phone: (+998 93) 922-71-22

Parent's Club in Termez:
Established: February 2015
Number of members:  14 parents
Contact person: Maya Ganieva
Phone:  (+99891) 580-30-65

Parent's Club in Namangan
Established: May 2015
Number of members: 25 parents
Contact person: Nilufar Hudaykulova
Phone: (+99891)368-05-78

Parent's Club in Samarkand
Established:  February 2014
Number of members: 25 parents
Contact person: Rakhmatullaeva Rohat Abdugafarovna – Chairman
Phone: (+998 91) 559-85-21

Parent's Club in Tashkent
Established: September 2015
Number of members: 15 parents
Contact person: RozmetovNasiba
Phone: (+99897) 709-76-18,(+99890 ) 952-06-22